About My Project

There is a myth that Lego bricks are a game for kids. I donít think so and Iím trying to convince other people that this myth is not truth. I'm doing this last 3 years. Iíve built a microbiologic sampler which won 1st prise in Robotica 2013, Ukraine. Iíve built School Presentation Microscope and was able to join a crew of fifteen Global Finalists of Google Science Fair 2014.

And now let me introduce my EV3 Lego Friend (ELFi). He is an Intelligent DIY (do-it-yourself) Home Robot. Now he is able to speak and knows about 100 phrases. Also he is able to follow a couple graphs of talk. He can educate kids and entertain cats. He can be your Avatar 1000 miles away from you. The possibilities are endless! Thats why I decided to create a RoboMarket. This is a simple replica of Google Play for apps developed for ELFi. Anyone developer can join this market for free and develop some terrific features for ELFi.

So guys. Itís enough Blah-Blah-Blah. Join ELFi. Make a replica of my robot or create a replica of your own. Download Core App (this is ELFiís brain) and join RoboMarket Developer program.